Trigon Director – the system remote control for all remote-controlled Trigon audio components. The Director meets the high standards of optical, tactile and operating logic that characterize Trigon audio components. The aluminium housing, milled from solid material, takes up the shape of the Trigon front panels. Balanced in terms of weight, the Director lies well in the hand. The system of preselection of the type of device to be controlled (CD player, amplifier, etc.) reduces the number of function keys, which still allow all functions to be controlled. The concomitant clear arrangement of the function keys and the large key spacing are further essential features of the user-friendly, high-quality design. Transparent plastic lenses attached to the underside of the Director protect all surfaces on which the system remote control is placed.

It goes without saying that the Director's control program is updateable and can be adapted to new or further developments of Trigon audio components at any time. Their longevity and value retention therefore also applies to the one-off investment in the system remote control Director.