• High End CD-Ripping
• Playable music formats:

wav, mp3, flac, cdda, nsv, m4a, aac, strm, pls, rm, mpa, wma, ogg, mp2, m3u, mod, amf, 669, dmf, dsm, far, gdm, imf, it, m15, med, okt, s3m, stm, sfx, ult, uni, xm, sid, ac3, dts, cue, aif, aiff, wpl, ape, mac, mpc, mp+, mpp, shn, zip, rar, wv, nsf, spc, gym, adplug, adx, dsp, adp, ymf, ast, afc, hps, xsp, ...

• Sample rate up to 192kHz, 24Bit
• High end music-track-caching
• Gapless playback
• High end CD-player with meta data display
• Editing by WEB portal
• Cover management / download
• High end fileserver
• High end NAS (Network Attached Storage) and media streaming
• Access and integration of distributed databases in the music network / uPnP client
• Native internet radio without artificial upsampling
• Radio search by artist or genre
• Intuitive graphical user interface using touch-WEB portal
• File management functions
• Playlist management
• Integrated 1GB LAN Ethernet/WLAN-WiFi interface
• Firefox add-on for YouTube streaming
• scrobble (Title information can be transmitted to
• Chronolog add-ons expand the functions
• Screen visualizations
• DAC 192kHz 24 Bit
• Bit rate and frequency display
• Automatic updates via the Internet
• Silent SSD - Storage (120GB)
• Elaborate graphical representation on TV and WEB portal
• Use of USB storage devices without a previous database import
• etc.


Front view


Back view