Premium Line - defines the front row center of authentic music reproduction. The EPILOG is the final musical statement

This audio component positions TRIGON in the premium segment of high fidelity in appearance and performance. Classy appearance in aluminum and chrome, innovative design and technology, quality components and perfect craftsmanship are the synthesis of our Premium Line.

The EPILOG is a fully balanced inergrated amplifier in dual-mono design. Each of the two mono power amplifier mudules is powered by a powerful 450-VA transformer. The input section of the EPILOG is modular and can be equipped with up to six different input modules as required (Line single-ended, Line balanced, Phono, 4-input D to A) which can be used in any combination. The EPILOG is ultimately flexible, versatile and future-proof, configurable to individual customer requirements. A dimmable graphic interface guides the user through the menu by means of a largely self-explanatory operation. The multitude of connections, adjustments and control options are not only available via the Trigon Director system remote control (massive aluminum construction in silver finish), but also in conjunction with the music server Trigon Chronolog as congenial playmate of the EPILOG via smartphone, tablet – PC, etc... which makes remote control easy with a graphic user-interface.

Built from solid aluminum sandwich construction with a massive front plate, with Trigon vibration absorbing feet protecting the most delicate audio signals from microphonics and interferences that could impede minute sonic details

This amplifier can cope with any musical requirement. The speed and dynamics of music signals are reproduced with ease due to the units high performance bandwidth. The EPILOGs advanced technology has a musical epilogue: Sovereign Reproduction of big sound bodies, nuanced reproduction of fine details, three-dimensional reproduction of the musical space, harmonious or dissonant, loud or quiet, intense or relaxed – quite like the authentic musical experience itself.


Front view


Back view