The Exxceed Audio Server is the second component of a new generation of audio components. Analog and digital. Technology, sound and design at the highest level. Now and in the future.

This audio server is the congenial digital player for the new Exxceed audio components. His profession is to make the world of music accessible to you in the form of digital data. With this server you manage your digital music collection, rip (save) your audio CD´s to externally pluggable hard drives, find the matching covers and information about your treasures on the net, have access to the music portal Tidal, listen to Internet radio and see what you hear on a large TFT display. The Exxceed Audio Server uses one of the most advanced operating systems, Roon, a music playback program for music lovers with the highest standards of user-friendliness, so that the choice of source and music title does not stand in the way of the anticipation of the music experience.

So you can concentrate on the essentials - the music - thanks to the effortless operation via a tablet computer. The Exxceed Audio Server not only has a digital output, but also state-of-the-art digital-to-analog converters so that it can be reproduced in the highest possible quality. The analog signal is provided at high-quality balanced and asymmetric outputs for connecting power amplifiers.

The Exxceed Audio Server is presented in a timelessly elegant housing made of solid aluminium and steel without visible screws. The housing architecture with its selectable surfaces - anodized, painted, nextel-coated or chrome-plated - not only allows adaptation to the individual ambience, but also protects the sensitive audio signals with technical features such as the sandwich construction of the housing cover and the Trigon vibration absorber feet from sound damaging influences by microphony.

The clarity of the design and the comfort of operation combine aesthetic demands and problem-free suitability for everyday use. The value of the external appearance is a reflection of the technical know-how and its implementation within. The construction of the Exxceed Audio Server combines transparency and complexity and of course musical characteristics on an outstanding level.

Exxceed - exceeds your expectations.