The internally full balanced DIALOG preamplifier uses an entirely modular architecture and can be equipped with up to eight gain modules, either for input or output. It is therefore extraordinarily versatile and entirely customizable to the individual needs of your system. New modules can easily be added at any time, which makes the preamplifier virtually future-proof. The user can chose from single-ended and balanced analog line input and output modules, a phono module with adjustable gain and loading for MC and MM cartridges and a digital input module with coaxial and optical S/PDIF inputs as well as a USB input, all compatible with 24 bit, 192 kHz sources. Each slide-in module is self-contained in its own aluminium casing, thus providing superior shielding against RFI and EMI.

A high-current outboard power supply in its own 2mm steel chassis with a massive aluminium front plate provides clean DC voltages to the control unit while keeping unwanted noise and line interference away from the sensitive music signals.

All options are microprocessor controlled and can be accessed from the front panel or with the optional Trigon Director remote control.
No matter what options you chose now or in the future, the Trigon Dialog preamplifier is capable of reproducing music from a variety of sources with utmost authenticity, for years to come.

Finish options include black or silver anodized aluminium, or chrome plated front panels  with silver or charcoal nextel tops and optional wooden side panels.