TRIGON SnowWhite II - is a high-end pre-amplifier in the format of Advance, Prince and Dwarf II.

The slim physique this timeless valent designs in aluminum and steel leaves the variety of connection and control options as well as the suspect little innovative circuit design.
Not less than two line inputs or - alternatively switch - two line inputs and a record output and four digital inputs permit the simultaneous connection of a corresponding number of signal sources and recording devices.
The addition of four digital inputs, the new Snow White II significantly expanded  the functionality of the successor models significantly expanded and provides direct connection to the increasing number of digital signal sources. The built-in D / A converter is of high quality and realizes source or signal dependent resolution up to 24 bit / 192kHz.
The symmetric and asymmetric outputs allow to control power amplifiers and active speakers. In addition, the successor has 10-volt control outputs for remote switch to powered speakers and power amplifiers, which offer connections as all Trigon mono amplifiers.
Snow White II is fully adjustable both on the front panel knobs and via the system remote controller Trigon DIRECTOR.
This includes in particular the connection of all inputs and outputs by relay, the level adjustment for all inputs, the dimming and shutdown of the display, the mono- and Balance and volume control through a special D / A converter. This volume control is conventional volume controls (potentiometers) sonically far superior in terms of technology. It operates without wear and at low volumes with exactly the same high-channel equality as at higher volumes.
The most advanced technology based on new circuit design enables an extremely fast and accurate processing of the incoming music signals.
Thus they are not distorted by interference, the power supply was outsourced.
Its execution as an electronic switch mode power supply ensures in conjunction with the power cable Trigon volts at all times stable and largely immunity to sound distortion  influences over the main power voltage.
To minimize microphonic effects SnowWhite II rests on Trigon suspension vibration absorbing feet.