TRIGON DWARF II - David among the Goliaths of mono power amplifiers. Slim style combined with a massive aluminum front panel and a structural lacquer finish guarantee high mechanical stability and a timeless top-class design.

Trigon Suspension vibration absorbing feet complete the stylish look, reducing external interference with sensitive audio signals to a minimum. The sleek design hides a generously over-dimensioned power supply that ensures adequate current is available for any musical signal.

The full discreet output stage designed around optimized signal paths is capable of rendering the sonic image with all its complexity. Whatever the music calls for, the DWARF delivers with authority and finesse, preserving the emotion in music. It perfectly matches state-of-the-art technology with high level of reliability and user friendliness. The protection circuitry operates outside the signal paths for inaudible protection of the electronics.

Various operating modes are indicated by LEDs and can be set from the amplifiers front-panel. The DWARF features advanced stand-by mode options taking the amplifier to active mode when a signal is present and switching it to standby when no signal is present for some time.