Trigon Volt – the optimized power cord for Trigon audio components:
No power, no music playback. No good power supply, no good sound. In order to ensure that the high technical and constructive effort required for authentic music reproduction, which distinguishes Trigon audio components, is not lacking a decisive prerequisite, the volt - with the exception of the (accumulator-powered) phono preamplifiers - is supplied as standard and free of charge. This pure copper power cable, which is perfectly tuned to Trigon audio components, has a cross section of 3 x 2.5 mm² and guarantees a largely lossless power supply for the connected devices. The visually attractive blue shimmering foil shielding, which is visible through the transparent sheath of the volt, keeps harmful interference to the sound away. 
The Trigon Volt is available in any desired length. It guarantees that the connected audio components can also realize their sound potential.